What is Pixrit?

Pixrit is a web app that combines two very important tools for photographers into a single platform. It features a robust social media manager and beautiful showcasing galleries all designed to help busy photographers save time, expand their reach, market to clients, and make more money.

Social Media Manager: Pixrit allows you to schedule your images to be shared to 5 different networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) in record time. Pixrit auto -shares your images to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (Google+ auto-sharing is coming soon). You can upload images and apply caption and hashtag information all in bulk, saving you tons of time and effort. Drag and drop images into the networks you want to share to, set your posting schedule, and let Pixrit handle the rest!

Showcasing Galleries: Pixrit showcases your images in galleries that are as beautiful as they are intuitive. We’ve worked non-stop to give photographers a gallery workflow that makes sense from upload to sharing. Pixrit galleries are designed to make your images jump right off the page and wow your audience, all while being easy to navigate and use.

What is a social media manager?

If you’re not familiar with the term, a social media manager is an application designed to manage the content and media that you are going to share to your social networks. Pixrit does this by sharing your images to your networks on a schedule of your design. Just tell Pixrit what to do, and it’ll take care of the heavy lifting.

Are galleries connected to the social manager?

As a matter of fact, they are! You can upload high res images to galleries for showcasing, organization, and backup. Then move them over to the social manager, which will resize your images upon sharing. All of that in just one upload. It’s that easy!

Who is Pixrit ideal for?

Pixrit is the ideal platform for the photographer who wants to manage all their best work in one place for marketing, sharing, and showcasing. Pixrit is for headshot photographers, fashion photographers, commercial photographers, event photographers, or any photographer that wants to present their work but does not need to sell prints through an automated system (prints will be coming in a future update).

What makes Pixrit different?

Unlike other social media managers, Pixrit is designed exclusively for photographers and visual artists. Pixrit isn’t focused on text or schedule calendars. Everything is designed to put your images front and center, while making all other information easy to see, access, and edit. More importantly, Pixrit combines social media management with galleries, giving you a place to showcase your work as well as share it.

How can Pixrit save me time?

With it’s most basic features, Pixrit saves you time by allowing you to upload, caption, add hashtags, stage, and schedule in bulk. This is a huge benefit for photographers that either spend too much time managing their social networks, or photographers that aren’t using social networking to it’s full potential.

Now add in Network Director, which allows you to manage all your social media scheduling for all your networks in one place, and Social Category Presets, which allow you to add caption and hashtag information in a single click, and you have the fastest social media manager available on the market today.

What networks do you connect to?

Pixrit connects to 5 social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What networks do you auto share to?

Currently, we can auto-share to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We are waiting on approval from Google to be able to auto share directly to Google+.

How does Pixrit share to Instagram?

Instagram does not currently accept 3rd party sharing, so to make your posts as quick as possible for Instagram, Pixrit sends you an email with your photos, captions, and hashtags ready to post without having to type everything into your phone. Some apps get around this by “hacking”, but this puts your account at risk, and you could be banned from Instagram.

What’s included in the free trial?

Our 14 day free trial includes everything Pixrit has to offer. Connect up to 5 social accounts and share as much as you want! Your only limit is 5GB of storage.

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